48 days of jetlag

A round the world ticket buys a lot of jet lag

After perhaps the most intensive year or so of my life I need to recharge.

The past 15 months has probably been the worst period of my life. The worst part was finding out my son has cancer and knowing the survival rate is barely 20%; It has taken me nearly a year to come to terms with his illness and now his doctors are finally saying positive things I feel like there is some light somewhere.

Couple this with working rather intensely and other things I decided I needed to go out and do something else for a while. So I made a rough plan in my head to travel around the world in 4 weeks and visit every climate zone and terrain I could.

Hence this new site. I'm planning to try and improve my photography as I travel and I wanted somewhere that was not flickr to put the results. This place is very much an experiment and it might be in 18months this is still the only post, but right now thats the goal. Also things are not finished here, but I have to be honest if I don't push something out I'll never get around to it.

I'm rather hoping the jet lag isn't going to be so bad, but given the travel in the summer I did I think I'll be fine.

My current ticket says: Hel > SF > LA > NY > Tokyo > Kuala Lumpur > Borneo > Singapore > Perth > Sydney > NY > Montreal > Hel.

If you happen to be in one of those places in the next month or so drop me a line.